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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sprinting in a Graph

What does human motion look like in a graph? Volume 3 of The Science of Track & Field contains dot graphs tracing the motion of body parts as an amateur athlete engages in common track and field elements.

The following graphs are excerpted from The Science of Track & Field, Volume 3 (Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved).

Discussion Questions:
  1. What information is contained in these graphs?
  2. Is the person running right or left?
  3. Do both legs go over a hurdle?
  4. Which leg goes over a hurdle first?
  5. What is the maximum height of each foot?
  6. Identify the time span(s) of any jumps.
  7. What is the speed of the sprinter?
  8. Is jumping over a 9-inch hurdle different than walking? If so, what would a graph of walking look like? Why?

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